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Crystal Stickers, Invitation Buckles & Invitation Feathers

Crystals and Buckles

Crystal Stickers - Clear Diamonds

Assorted Sized crystals with self-adhesive backing. Peel and Stick. Minimum of 4 packs per design.

Clear Diamond Crystal Stickers

Crystals Round - 2 mm
Crystals Round - 3 mm
Crystals Heart - 3.2 mm
Crystals Round - 5 mm
Crystals Square - 4.4 mm
Crystals Star- 3.2 mm
CrystalsTeardrop - 4 mm
Crystals Long - 2 x 4mm
Crystals Rectangular - 10 mm
Crystals Round - 10 mm
Crystal Stickers - Color Diamonds

Color Diamond Crystal Stickers

Red Crystals Round - 3 mm
Red Crystals - 10 mm
Royal Blue Crystals Round - 3 mm
Royal Blue Crystals - 10 mm
Pink Crystals Round - 3 mm
Pink Crystals Round - 5 mm
Pink Crystals - 10 mm
Hot Pink Crystals Round- 3 mm
Light Blue Crystals Round - 3 mm
Light Blue Crystals - 10 mm
Citrine Crystals Round - 3 mm
CitrineCrystals - 10 mm
Lilac Crystals Round - 3 mm
Lilac Crystals - 10 mm
Purple Crystals Round - 3 mm
Aqua Crystals Round - 3 mm
Black Crystals Round - 3 mm
Assorted Pastel Crystals - 4 mm
Crystal Stickers - Pearls

Pearl Crystal Stickers

Pearls: 3 mm
Pearls: 5 mm
Pearls: 10 mm
Metal Heart Stickers

Metal Heart Stickers

Silver Hearts: 5 mm
Gold Hearts: 5 mm
Metallic Dot Stickers

Flat colored nail heads - 5mm with self-adhesive backing. 64 dots per package.

Metallic Dot Stickers

Silver Dots
Gold Dots
Grey Dots
Red Dots
Pink Dots
Blue Dots
Black Dots
Brick Dots
Light Green Dots
Light Gold Dots
Orange Dots
Purple Dots
Aqua Dots
Copper Dots
Turquoise Dots
Xmas Green Dots
Crystal Clusters

Crystal Clusters

Clear Cluster
Ruby Cluster
Hot Pink Cluster
Light Pink Cluster
Light Blue Cluster
Lavendar Cluster
Black Cluster
Pearl White Cluster
Glitter Domes

Glitter Domes

Dome Brown
Dome Orange
Dome White
Dome Hot Pink
Dome Light Pink
Dome Red
Dome Lavendar
Dome Light Blue
Dome Yellow
Dome Green
Dome Gold
Dome Silver
Dome Black
Invitation Buckles
Oval Buckle
Small Circle Buckle
Oval Buckle
Inside Measurement 1.75 cm
Small Circle Buckle
Small Circle

Inside Measurement .75 cm
Small Square Buckle
Small Square
Inside Measurement 1cm
Small Diamond Buckle
Small Diamond
Inside Measurement 1.4 cm
Horizontal Heart Buckle
Vertical Heart
Inside Measurement 1.3 cm
Pearl Rhinestone Buckle
Pearl Rhinestone
Inside Measurement 1.3 cm
Horizontal Heart Buckle
Round with Center Stone
Diameter 19 mm
Pearl Rhinestone Buckle
Flat Back
Medium Diamond Buckle
Flat Back
Double Rim Circle Buckle
Double Rim Circle
inside measure 1.5cm
Double Rim Diamond Buckle
Double Rim Diamond
Inside Measure 2.5 cm
Double Heart Buckle
Invitation Feathers

Each feather measures 2.5" – 3"

White Feather
White Feather
Eggshell Feather
Eggshell Feather
Black Feather
Black Feather
Black Feather
Purple Feather
Black Feather
Pink Feather
Peacock Feathers
Peacock Feathers
Approx. 9 inches each
100 feathers per package